Digital fleet lifecycle management

Easy handling with functional tools - Machineric is the key to digitalization

We share your passion for machines

We understand that machines mean a lot to you and are valuable assets! The quality of data is important and increases the value of machines.

User role: Dealers and Traders

As sales moves from local to global markeplaces, availability of correct and up to date information becomes an asset.

With Machineric solutions you will:

  • own your data
    get access to direct sales tools
  • portal sales tools
  • overview of stock (age, value)
    get and add data to already existing
  • Machineric ID


Machineric will also mean:

  • less administrative work (one time entry)
  • easy transfer of data
  • increased trust

User role: Fleet owner

Your fleet can be the biggest asset or your biggest threat.

In Machineric, we will give you the control and possibility to create digital ecosystem of your fleet, that will help to increase the value of it:

  • overview of you fleet – age, location, costs, connected employees
  • lifecycle management – regular check-in reports, service and repairs
  • analysis tools
  • sales tools – easy access to sales portals and toolset once the machine lifecycle in your fleet has ended 

You own your data

You decide where to export data! We support all the important sales portals and channels.

Tools for sales

Branded and customised solutions

Customise your account based on your needs and brand your sales tools with your colors and logo.

User management

Manage users and their roles

Frequently Asked Questions

The pricing is based on the actual functionalities you need to use. Starting as a freemium service

Machineric has many modules and functionalities. Based on your needs, we will configurate your company account

Yes! Machineric customers own their data. You decide were you advertise, with what you integrate with etc. Machineric is your software and what you enter, you own.

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